KIB has a very authentic vision to develop the IT & marketing industry in north India and all over the globe. KIB also works to provide the skills for the upcoming generation under the mission of skill India development.
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IT Services We Provides.

  • Web Development
  • App Development
  • Software Development
  • Game Development
  • Cyber Security

Web Development Services

KIB is the best Website development company which specializes in web design and custom web development services. Website development company is involved in engineering, website design, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting. Web development is the process of developing a website for the Internet We are a top web development company with experience on Wordpress Development, Laravel Development and magento development. We have been ranked top 10 web design company in India for our quality and client satisfaction. Being the best Web Development Company, we are involved in developing a simple single static page or complex web application.

KIB Technologies.

  • 1. IT Services
    KIB IT department is totally commanded with young, talented, latest technology & language.
  • 2. Marketing
    In marketing sector we conquer the market experience with brilliancy.

Marketing Services We Provides.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Cinema Branding
  • Out of Home Advertising
  • Event Managment

Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing is most popular marketing strategy on this era of technology. It uses online modes to promote your product. We provide the digital marketing services which focuses on growing your business successfully with online marketing services. It includes social media marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (Search engine marketing), PPC (pay-per click) etc which increases traffic on your websites.

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AboutKib Technologies

Kib technologies established in April 2016, It was founded by Mr. Sumit Tiwari. We have always look forward to building marketing strategies for all scale business, Kib technologies help you to build your brand and create your esteemed recognition By the modes of digital marketing, multimedia marketing, OOH services and IT services we put an impact on consumers toward your brand. With our creative,modern marketing strategy it becomes unchallenging to expand your business. Our IT services we provide the custom websites and mobile application and different software like billing software and management software it became smooth to control and sustain your business. We always look forward to serves you with modern technologies to expand your business and ensures your growth in market.


Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.

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