Airport Branding : Airport Advertising division offers advertising opportunities in big cities & countries, it offers high impact with in the immediate areas and is highly illustrative & descriptive to move across the brand more effectively. KIB Technologies refer it for the coperate clients.

KIB Technologies provides Airport Branding :

  1. Creative & flexible range of advertising.
  2. For both indoor & outdoor media opportunities.
  3. For both long & short terms of advertising.

Its Impact:

  1. Offers high impact with in the immediate vicinity.
  2. It can be highly illustrative & descriptive to move across messages more effectively.
  • Airport Branding have a lot for promotion and advertising with the unique and interesting ideas. Popular advertising options at the airports are billboards, branding in baggage area, hoardings in check in area, conveyor bill branding, trolleys advertising and many others. KIB Technologies provides best rates for all advertising options at the airport.
  • Airport lounges advertising options are also unique in nature and very effective for premium brands. Media options in Airport lounges vary from placing banners & product sampling.

Other popular advertising options in airlines are luggage,  tag branding, boarding pass branding and airline seat back branding.


Railway Branding : .  Advertising through  trains is one of the highly sought-after mediums in the realm of Out of Home (OOH) advertising. Considered as one of the leading Railway advertising agencies, A lakh Advertising helps your brand reach lakhs of commuters that travel daily by trains by the media of
Platform Boards, Train wraps, Route maps and in train announcements, Circulating Area Hoardings, FOB/ROB.

Railway branding is the most suitable way to grab the attention of thousands at a time. You can reach people from different age groups and backgrounds at the same place same time.