Cinema is the perfect fit for local and regional advertising. KIB Technologies provides you cinema branding at PAN India level. Local movie theatre draw the attention of people from your targeted business area. Most local businesses draw their customers from a fairly small geographic area. Other  Types of advertising reach consumers well beyond your market area, but cinema advertising is very efficient in its coverage.

Movie theatre advertising is more efficient than ever by providing businesses the opportunity to buy by demographic. For precision demo-targeting, we drill down to your target by the help of our research partners, to identify films that appeal to your key demos and then providing program schedules  to reach your desired time. Your  ads will be effective ads by delivering your message to the right audience – one that is in the market for your product.

KIB Technologies works at PAN India level for Cinema & Film Advertising. We offer the most comprehensive deals on –screen advertising & branding to reach your objectives.

Our partners :

PVR, Carnival, Cinepolis, UFO, INOX, Wave Cinema. Ad labs.


Advertising & Branding Options:

  • Muliplexes
  • Single screen cinema
  • On Screen: Static/mute slide, audio slide, ad film
  • Off Screen: Arch gate, signage at entrance, ticket counter, seat branding, standees, ticket jackets, flyers, pamphlets , back-lit, parking.


According to the analysis, Cinema & Film Advertising recalls are four times higher than ads on television.